The publisher behind Cowboys & Aliens, Platinum Studios, is partnering with Practical Pictures to adapt another of their comic books, this one called Alien at Large. Oh my, I can't wait to see this alien get into some extraterrestrial mischief! Anyway, here's a plot synopsis:
"'Alien At Large' tells the story of Earth's first interstellar ambassador, who is not the brightest star in the galaxy. Although he means well, he has the uncanny ability to turn a harmless situation into utter catastrophe. Yet his bumbling might just save our planet, as his arrival unwittingly disrupts a nefarious alien conspiracy."

[post-album postid="210317" item="1"]Sounds a little like Men In Black, right? Anyway, details are sparse because this is the very early stages, but Platinum evidently has a very large stable of comics properties just begging to be adapted and shown in a movie theater. Stay tuned. (First Showing)