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Dare I say Tim Burton is back?  Did he ever leave?  You could argue either way, but there’s no arguing that his ALICE IN WONDERLAND looks like a winner.  Burton will be down at this year’s Comic-Con – and so will Screen Junkies – so we’ll keep you up to date with any further developments as they come.  We’ll be quick on the draw with our Twitter.  But we’ll make much more thorough posts right here.  Check back starting tomorrow and through the weekend for updates!

Today’s Top Links:

The Return Of Amber Marie Mekush’s Hotness (Gorillamask)

How To: Make A Christian Horror Movie (Holytaco)

Iron Man Pictures And Terrence Howard Commentary (Filmdrunk)

50 Demented Children’s Books (Manofest)

Bacon Strip Bandaids Make Cuts And Scrapes Delicious (Walyou)

Bright Star Trailer Looks Like Oscar Bait For Sure (Pajiba)

5 Horrifying Apocalyptic Scenarios That Already Happened (Cracked)

Dead Lady’s Office (Maninthebox)

Kermit The Frog Has Hit Rock Bottom (Sickpigs)

5 Action Sequences You Would Definitely Screw Up (Coedmagazine)

Awesome New Screen Shot From Twilight Seque New Moon (Celebjihad)

10 Hottest Chicks Of Action Sports (Mademan)

Who Wants To Fight Fedor On A Week’s Notice? (Cagepotato)

Sam Raimi Is Directing The World Of Warcraft (Unreality)

Literary Hoax So High Brow No One Got It (Asylum)

The New York Post Gets Called Out (Bustedcoverage)

Top 10 Hot Celebrities Over 45 (Uncoached)

5 Spicy Movie Sex Scenes In Cars (Regretfulmorning)

Lebron Dunked On Video Is Anticlimatic (Bachelorguy)

Marc Antony And Jennifer Lopez Buy Stake In The Dolphins? (Moondogsports)

How To Not Act At A Board Meeting When You Gambled Away $12,000 (Nothingtoxic)

Harry Potter And The Office Of Unemployment (Atomfilms)

District 9 TV Spots (Filmofilia)


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