Now that Gravity finally has found its cast in Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, we're free to report on other aspects of the film besides the likelihood of Natalie Portman joining the project. Producer David Heyman had a chance to talk to Collider and had some interesting updates.

Production is beginning sooner than anticipated with cameras rolling in London this May. He also has high praise for the director, certain that what they are putting together is next level film-making.
"The whole film has been pre-vised and figured out, it’s fuckin’ awesome. I mean, unlike anything you’ve seen in space. It’s just great. He’s a privilege to work with—he’s a real visionary.

“We’re using technology that’s never seen before. This film will be more immersive, I believe, than anything you’ve seen before. You will really feel like you are in space. It will not be an objective view of space, it will be an immersive view of space. And you know as you say, with Children of Men, he loves these long shots. It’s gonna be a really bold, bold film.”

He also revealed that the film will not be shot in 3D, but rather converted in the post process. That's bad though, right?? Please learn from Clash Of The Titans' example. If you really want to earn higher ticket prices, you need to commit to the gimmick from day one.