SYKE: Alec Baldwin Wises Up And Drops Out Of ‘Rock Of Ages’

Friday, May 13 by

UPDATE: In sad news for Alec Baldwin, it turns out that he is doing Rock of Ages after all, according to Deadline. Below is the original article, which you can now make fun of for being inaccurate in retrospect.

Adam Shankman, director of Rock of Ages, has been shamelessly bilking Hollywood star after Hollywood star into appearing in his movie. Now, finally, it appears that at least one person has broken free of his seductive grasp – star of”30 Rock” and those ads for Hulu, Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin has dropped out after being confirmed by Shankman back in March. He was supposed to play “Dennis Dupree, the owner of the Bourbon Room, the Sunset Boulevard nightclub at the center of the movie.” I guess now they’ll have to get Stephen Baldwin to do it instead?

Some of the other actors not as savvy as Alec Baldwin include Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Russell Brand Paul Giamatti, Malin Akerman, Bryan Cranston, and Mary J. Blige. Well, you know what they say – never give a sucker an eve break or smarten up a chump. (The Hollywood Reporter)


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    he can do better

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