It's been a rough couple of weeks for the Akira project. First, they lost Keanu Reeves after early talks, and now, it seems they've lost the director as well. Deadline is reporting that Albert Hughes has left the project over creative differences with Warner Bros. The details of exactly what those creative differences were aren't clear at this time, however.

Despite these setbacks, the film is still being fasttracked, so expect the studio to find another helmer as soon as possible. Also expect the studio to match Hughes to another project in short order. Sounds like both the studio and director bounce back nicely, but what of the film?

Not much is known about the ever-evolving Akira, as producers changed both the direction of the film and the budget, opting to go with Reeves instead of a younger, less-proven star. While the script may be firm, it would appear that every other aspect of the project is back to square one. Not exactly the direction you want to be traveling in on a fasttracked production.