Alan Arkin Set To Trick A Bunch Of Iranians In ‘Argo’

Friday, June 10 by

Everyone knows that in the mid-70s, the Iranians hated Alan Arkin. Okay, that’s not true at all, but if it was, it’d make this story a whole lot cooler. Damn you, facts.

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Arkin has signed on for Argo, the Ben Affleck directed historical drama based on a Wired magazine article. The story is about 6 US diplomat taken hostage by Iranians in 1979. In order to rescue them, the CIA teamed up with the Canadian government (nice one, Canucks) to locate the hostages, disguise them as a film crew and smuggle them out of Tehran. No doubt one of them keeps spouting “fish-eye lens” and “boffo box office” to sound knowledgeable.

Arkin will play Lester Siegel, a Hollywood producer and O.S.S. vet who’s said to be “equal parts bookie and rabbi.” Sounds like one of my relatives. (Variety)

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