If you're ever upset that two of the most iconic roles in the past 35 years of cinema didn't carry with them a cartoonish intensity that seems to come from nowhere, take your issues up with Al Pacino.

At a London event, Pacino, speaking to a crowd, let the world know that he passed on some pretty famous leading roles, including Richard Gere's part in Pretty Woman (he would have snapped the necklace box on Julia's fingers down so hard her fingers would snap and bleed, prompting Pacino to scream, "Don't fuck me....EVER AGAIN!") and those of Han Solo in Star Wars (which ultimately went to Ricardo Montalban), and John McClane in Die Hard (also Montalban, I believe).

But he DID take the role in Jack and Jill where he plays himself, so lest anyone be critical about his career choices early or later on...don't.