Akiva Schaffer, who most of you might know from Lonely Island and as the tiny guy in all those little SNL Digital Shorts, has an offer to knock off all that silly hippity-hop nonsense and get back to pictures with Neighborhood Watch, a comedy that Ben Stiller is supposedly close to starring in.

The film focuses on a group of dads, one of whom would be Stiller, that establishes a neighborhood watch as a bonding exercise but find themselves in over their heads when they uncover a plot to destroy the world. This film would mark the third time that Stiller has signed on as a nightwatchman, only to find himself in over his head. Dicey stuff.

Speaking of the Night at the Museum franchise, Shawn Levy is looking to offer a hand as producer of Watch.

Neither Schaffer nor Stiller have committed yet, but this could serve both parties well, as Schaffer could use this as a very high-profile gig to establish himself, and Stiller could use Schaffer's edge in doing a comedic film that doesn't have a number after it. Or the word "Focker."