Akiva Goldsman To Direct ‘Winter’s Tale’, But Not The Weird Shakespeare One

Tuesday, February 1 by

Warner Bros. thinks Akiva Goldsman has ‘a beautiful mind’ for adaptations. Maybe that’s because the screenwriter wrote A Beautiful Mind – no one can truly say for sure. What we do know is that the famous writer/producer is getting his first chance to direct, since Warner Bros. greenlit his screenplay adaptation of Mark Helprin 1983 novel Winter’s Tale. The book is about a thief and a flying horse, which incidentally would be a pretty badass getaway vehicle for a thief.

There’s a caveat though. Goldsman has to finish writing the adaptation for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Supposedly, the adaptation will span three feature films, two TV mini-series, and we assume 5-6 video games, 12-13 graphic novels, 18 web series from different character POVs and the world’s longest pop-up book for kids. If Goldsman has to write all of that first, it may be awhile before he gets to hop on the saddle of the white flying horse. Perhaps he could steal a page from Peter Lake and attempt to stop time? (Deadline)

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