is considered one on the most important works in all of mangadom and animeland. It's a Japanese classic, which is why it must be written by the Harry Potter screenwriter and star a franchise-carrying white dude. "Must... scrub... all... Japanese... aspects... away...," said a hard-at-work Warner Bros. They missed a spot, though - all the characters still have names like Tetsuo and Kaneda. Why not Tony and Kyle? Now those are first names I can relate to.

Andrew Garfield, James McAvoy and Robert Pattinson have been given the current draft of Akira, re-written by Steve Kloves. They're all up for the lead role of Tetsuo. If the audition requires shirtlessness, Pattinson's got the experience edge. Meanwhile, for the role of Kaneda, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake, Garrett Hedlund, Michael Fassbender and Joaquin Phoenix are under consideration.

The story takes place in the very distant future - 2019 - where a bike gang leader must save his buddy from becoming the victim of a medical experiment. Warner Bros. and director Albert Hughes (From Hell) are excited about the new draft, though probably Albert's co-director brother Allen is not, since he's been left out of the picture. Or maybe he too became the victim of a medical experiment somewhere in Neo-Tokyo. (Deadline)