Aidan Quinn And Martin Short To Share The Blame For ‘Weeds’

Thursday, May 26 by

In a move that isn’t doing much to dispel the perception that the show is increasingly all-over-the-place, “Weeds” has picked up two new guest stars. One of the added characters will be wacky, the other will be wacky only in his non-wackiness. Think about it.

Aidan Quinn will assume the role of a non-wacky “charismatic investment firm CEO.” Wow, it’s like the producers of “Weeds” are reading my dream journal. Martin Short, sadly, will not be reprising his role as Uncle Jack, the parapelegic fitness guru from”Arrested Development.” He will be playing an “eccentric attorney.” Seriously, guys. GET OUT OF MY DREAM JOURNAL!

6 photosNatascha McElhone

The upcoming season of”Weeds” jumps forward three years after Nancy Botwin’s prison stint is up and she’s ready to join the outside world via a New York halfway house. The shake-up is welcome, given that the previous formulas haven’t seemed to worked well for the show in recent years. In this scenario, Aidan Quinn and Martin Short are pulling double duty in a “Cousin Oliver” role. Those adorable moppets!

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