After Searching For Seven Hours, Willis And Fox Find A Director And Script For ‘Die Hard 5′

Friday, February 11 by

Wow. Once the ball gets rolling, these projects pick up momentum quickly! News broke this morning that 20th Century Fox was looking for a script, and Bruce Willis was interviewing directors. Well, some seven hours later, it appears that a script has been decided upon and a director has been selected. I always admired Bruce Willis‘ proactivity. (No, I didn’t.)

The chosen director Die Hard 5 is Noam Murro, the director of Smart People, a 2008 dramedy that featured Dennis Quaid, Lowell from “Wings,” and Sarah Jessica Parker. I said I admired Willis’ proactivity, not his judgment. Maybe this Murro guy was the last guy Willis interviewed before he had to catch a flight or something. That said, it’s refreshing that the producers (Willis included) looked outside the usual group of one-note action directors. This director may not be a big name, but in the twilight of a franchise’s life, that could be a big blessing.

And the script 20th Century Fox has chosen a script by Skip Woods, about which no details have been divulged, but expect John McClaine to have a bad day and an unnecessarily stylish villain. (Deadline)

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