While they may still be living in an arid, war-torn country whose biggest export is heroin, the citizens of Afghanistan will no longer be able to complain about not having first-class puppets. Courtesy of funding from USAID, an order has been placed for 26 episodes of Sesame Street featuring Jim Henson's Muppets and educational videos. This news comes after the launch of Sesame Street in Pakistan earlier this year.

While it may come across as laughable that this is one of the manners in which we're helping rebuild the country, the sad fact is that this program may serve as the largest source of children's education for the impoverished state.

The series will feature such beloved characters as Big Bird and Elmo. Gordon was slated to make several guest appearances on the show, but was captured in transit from the Kabul airport to the television studio and beheaded. Just kidding. I'm sure he's fine.