My hope is that Adam Sandler is conducting some sort of Kaufmanesque social experiment, but I think we all know he's just got really bad taste in films.

Columbia Pictures has announced that they are taking a stab at a film adaptation of the beloved (does that word mean anything anymore?) board game, with Sandler attached to star, and the wretched Happy Madison banner producing.

I was holding out hope that Candyland would serve as a canvas for baroque production design and artful direction. The director selection (the dude who did Enchanted) elicits a profound "gunh!" from me, and the Sandler news brought nothing but a single solitary tear. Rather than getting those things I was hoping for, I will get Princess Lolly sounding like Sandler's Jewish Grandmother character, and the Gingerbread People will be Sandler's buddies that he keeps working with no matter how much they detract from a film.

I'm looking for a silver lining here, and I guess that it's this: I don't have to see this film and neither do you.