Adam Sandler is toying around with the idea of remaking the classic comedy Three Men and a Baby for a post-Guttenberg generation. However, the original film's conceit of three swinging bachelor roommates raising a baby is being turned on its stomach. In Sandler's version of the film, David Spade, Chris Rock, and Rob Schneider would play the three men. Oh yeah, and this time they won't so much be roommates as they will be in a polyamorous gay relationship with one another.

There's no word whether or not this will conflict with the Three Men and a Bride sequel that Steve Guttenberg announced or whether or not it will conflict with what people actually want to view. Though Sandler himself won't play a lead role, it is expected that he could cameo. Probably as a Cajun guy prone to loudly encouraging the film's protagonist. (Movieweb)