During an appearance on Norm MacDonald's podcast, Adam Sandler said he didn't think he would ever host Saturday Night Live, saying that he was "slow" now, and he didn't "know how good it would be." Well, those are both very valid concerns to a normal person, but they sound like contrived excuses from the man who brought us Jack and Jill.

So if there were some of you out there, staring at the TV in anticipation, with a little pennant that said "Adam Sandler!" you'll just have to get your fix from one of his terrible films, because you're not going to see him return to his roots.

While it wasn't discussed on the podcast, it warrants mentioning that Adam Sandler was fired from Saturday Night Live in 1995, so there could still be some bad blood there, even though he's gone on to make billions of dollars kissing Paul Blart.