Adam Sandler Looking To Reteam With Drew Barrymore On A Film That Sounds Downright Painful

Monday, February 25 by
Man, this is a really weird picture.  

This Monday is off to a slow start, so I’m not really in the correct headspace yet to perform my periodic Sandler-reaming, so I’ll leave the reader to accept, with sad resignation, the following news:

Adam Sandler is looking to team back up with his The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates co-star Drew Barrymore for a film about two adults, who, after their first date goes horribly awry, find themselves trapped at a family resort with all their kids from previous marriages.


I’m thinking that they will get together in the end after the kids perform some machiavellian deeds to bring them together. Some other conditions precedent will be Sandler saying “poop” and his yelling at a child in his toddler/Jewish grandmother hybrid voice.

Get excited?

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