There might not be a TV personality more apt for Spike TV than Adam Carolla, and there might not be a subject matter more apt for the cable station than addressing crooked contractors in To Catch a Predator fashion.

So it should be of little surprise that the channel is marrying the two into a show called Catch a Contractor, in which crooked or shoddy contractors are called out for their work on TV. Though the cause is somewhat noble, this doesn't sound like very compelling television, on par with the show that follows people around giving parking tickets in Philly.

This sounds like more a labor of love for Carolla, who has an interest in home improvement, and is likely carrying the scorn towards an unscrupulous contractor with him. In short, this sounds like a show we would only watch in marathon format if we were hungover and couldn't find the remote.

Which is to say, it's a perfect fit for Spike TV.