Abrams Is Really Truly Directing ‘Star Wars’, But It Might Not Hit Theaters In 2015

Monday, January 28 by
Ahoy, Mr. Abrams! 

After last week’s mildly surprising news that fanboy favorite J.J. Abrams will direct the next Star Wars installment, that news has been confirmed by all sorts of camps, including Abrams and George Lucas, who has no right to say anything about what happens to Star Wars, but probably will because, hey, George Lucas.

What’s less certain now is the release date that has been bandied about as sometime in 2015. This would be pretty quick under the best of circumstances, which wouldn’t include Abrams’ press for the new Star Trek, producing Mission Impossible follow-ups, and curating TV shows here and there. So, it’s being reported that while Abrams is on board for the gig, he’s not so sure about the release date.

If Abrams wasn’t a factor, it sounds like hitting a release date two years in the future might not be so rough, seeing as how the film has been in development, and the script is pretty advanced.

J.J. has never let a busy schedule get in the way of production, and let’s hope that continues to be the case as hundreds of millions of fans wait with bated breath.

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