Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
has practicall taken four score and seven years to lock-in a director, but now the film's got another big problem on the horizon. It will have to stake Pixar at the box office. *Gasps*

Disney has changed the release date of the new Pixar movie The Brave to June 22nd, pitting the film against the much buzzed about out AL:VH, which has a nice lookin' acronym. Pixar films always suck serious blood at the box office, and I don't think there's a Pixar movie that hasn't opened at #1 in wide release. Those cartoon guys don't shit around.

However, The Brave - which stars the highly distinctive voices of Reese Witherspoon and Emma Thompson - may have a flaw in its CG armor. The film was supposed to be directed by Brenda Chapman (The Prince of Egypt), who would have been Pixar's first female director. Mid-way through, Pixar Boys Club member Mark Andrews ("One Man Band" short) took the reigns.

Even so, Lincoln's chances of beating The Brave are as likely as the old South being like, "yeah, we'll give up our slaves. No problemo, Aberino." (TheWrap)