Dreams really do come true. One minute, you're appearing in a Twix commercial. The next, you're on"Mad Men." And finally, you're starring opposite Chad Michael Murray (that's something people dream about, right?). Welp, that's the path Abigail Spencer is taking. Now that shooting has wrapped on Cowboys & Aliens, she'll head down to Georgia for some good ol' fasheened haunted hijinks. Hijinks = vomiting ghosts.

She's signed on for The Haunting In Georgia, along with Murray, Katee Sackhoff, Emily Alyn Lind, and Cicely Tyson. The quartet will play a family who get the living "H" haunted out of them in this sequel to last year's The Haunting In Connecticut. Spencer will play Murray's wife, Sackhoff will play her wayward sister, and Lind plays the couple's daughter.
The film focuses on "the chilling story of four-year-old Heidi and her imaginary friends, Mr. Gordy and Con. As Heidi reveals mysterious details about the two, her parents become concerned ... could her playmates be more than make believe? When the rest of the family begins experiencing terrifying phenomena -- waking with deep gashes on their bodies -- it seems there's little they can do to stop the escalating nightmare."

In all fairness, waking up with deep gashes could also be caused by Georgian bed bugs. Have you seen the size of them suckers? (Bloody Disgusting)