Hollywood is a notoriously phony town. Everyone bends over backwards to kiss each other’s ass, but the moment someone turns around to leave the room, they’re likely to get a knife if their back. Of course, I live in Bakersfield (a very close suburb of L.A.), so I’m basing that statement on episodes of "Entourage." But still, Tinseltown is full of rats!

That’s why it’s nice to see Todd Phillips and Aaron Sorkin talking trash right to someone’s face. Rather than bitch and moan in an interview and then claim their words were “taken out of context,” the pair took the Writers Guild of America to task in front of the WGA West Coast president, John Wells. The heated exchange took place at the THR Awards Roundtable, and made for a very uncomfortable situation. Well, uncomfortable for John Wells, not for slobs like us sitting in our underwear watching from home, so enjoy the video. (THR via Movieline)