Four episodes into HBO's take on Sportsnight, The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin, like so many of the feisty TV producers he crafts, has decided to shake things up. By firing all the writers on the TV show, save for one, who, suspiciously, has never been seen in the same room as Aaron Sorkin.

Because I'm sure THOSE writers were the ones responsible for the familiar stories, tired cadences, and staid little pecadilloes that peppered the scripts.

Hey! This character has the same name as a famous person! It's the elephant in the room! Let's point it out!

He was kind enough not to fire writer Corrine Kinsbury, which were pretty sure is just Aaron Sorkin's nom de plume.

Ironically, this move, in an effort to shake things up, will probably just raise the Sorkin Levels the show lazily oozes out every Sunday night. Short of finding someone else to write the stories, then bringing in Sorkin to adapt them, punching up dialogue along the way, it seems pretty certain that this is the type of show we'll be dealing with as long as he's involved.