Aaron Johnson To Kick Tolstoy And Oliver Stone’s Asses?

Thursday, March 17 by

Remember the kid from Kickass? No, not the little girl, though she was pretty holy-shit awesome. I’m actually referring to Kickass himself, Aaron Johnson. He’s been getting a lot of offers since he posted that page on MySpace about how he’ll come to the set of your movie and star in it. Here are the takers:

Oliver Stone wants Johnson to play one of the two leads in the drama Savages, about two pot growers whose sexy communal girlfriend (nice?) gets kidnapped by Mexican mobsters. The drug cartel wants the dudes to work for them, or the girl goes… up in smoke. “Muahaha.” Stone is directing, Shane Salerno (Armageddon) and novel author Don Winslow wrote the script, and they’re looking to shoot this June.

Meanwhile, Keira Knightley beckons Johnson, just like she does for me in my dreams. Johnson’s been offered the lead opposite Knightley in Anna Karenina, writer Tom Stoppard‘s adaptation of the Tolstoy classic novel I might have read in a literature class at some point. The film will be directed by Joe Wright (Atonement). One of the best modern writers adapting a novel considered to be one of the best of all time? Hmm… pass. (Deadline)

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