Aaaannnnndddd…The Next ‘Lego’ Movie Has A Director

Wednesday, March 12 by
This shot looks like it cost hundreds of dollars. No surprise they're doing a sequel.  

Because it made a lot of money and it is based on a familiar, licensable property that insulates the films from failure, there will of course be a sequel to the Lego film. Even if you didn’t now that, you assumed it. And now that inevitable sequel has a director.

His name is Chris McKay, and while he didn’t direct the first one, he was Animation Co-Director on it, which sounds an awful lot like being the director of an animated movie. Whatever. Hollywood credits make zero sense. The directing duo of the first two, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, will serve as producers here, because no one wants to upset the apple cart too much.

Chris McKay cut his teeth on Robot Chicken of all things, so let’s congratulate the guy on a financial leap from Adult Swim to this. *rains money*

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