Max Payne shot his way to the top on the box office numbers this weekend and if I'm not mistaken, it had everything to do with Mark Walburg talking to animals. Its $18 million take is still only about half of what it cost, but there's still plenty of time and lots of special edition DVDs yet to come. I'm disappointed Sex Drive came in 9th with about $3.5 million. Full list after the break.

1 Max Payne $18,000,000
2. Beverly Hills Chihuahua $11,200,000
3. The Secret Life of Bees $11,050,000
4. W. $10,550,000
5. Eagle Eye $7,343,000
6 Body of Lies $6,880,000
7. Quarantine $6,300,000
8. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist $3,900,000
9. Sex Drive $3,566,000
10. Nights in Rodanthe $2,680,000

W. Had a pretty solid showing as did The Secret Life of Bees but only because of how irrsistable Queen Latifah is. And yes, I see that the damn chihuahua is still at number two, which just goes to show you that people love stereotypes. I'm going to make a movie about a female panda who just happens to be a really bad driver. Look for it in theaters next fall.