American Idol is down sharply on it's second airing of the new season, leading many to believe that perhaps people are getting tired of no-name people singing other people's songs. Don't get too excited - Idol is still the most-watched show in America, but CBS' Big Bang Theory was slightly ahead of the juggernaut in terms of that coveted 18-49 demographic, making the CBS nerd comedy the arbitrary winner. Well, as much as there can be a "winner" when Big Bang Theory and American Idol are vying to be the most-watched television program in America.

This woud appear to mean a changing of the Thursday night guard, which maybe you haven't cared about since Seinfeld, but I can assure that TV execs care about very, very much. And we want TV execs to be happy, don't we? Sure we do. We want EVERYONE to be happy.

One year ago, Idol crushed BBT in the ratings 7.0 to 4.2. It seems that the tables have turned, with Idol down 28%, ensuring that BBT is the most popular show in the demographic, and through the transitive property, the best show on TV.

Breaking Bad? Homeland? Nope. Big Bang Theory is better, and Idol is now only second-best. Look at the ratings, pal.