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By Seymour Hersh, Investigative Journalist

To most Americans, the G.I. Joes are an elit fighting force, made up of our nation’s best and brightest, who risk their lives to safeguard our country and its values. But like most patriotic fairy tales, the truth is far more disturbing. From the My Lai Massacre to Abu Ghraib, the G.I. Joe’s have been behind every major atrocity of the past forty years. Time and time again the Joes have jeopardized American national security in order to advance their own narrow agenda.  

What began in the late 60’s as a special forces unit has grown into the most powerful, and arguably most corrupt, military organization in the world. The success of the Joes can be attributed to the ruthless leadership of Major General Clayton M. Abernathy, better known as General Hawk.  Hawk, whose wealthy Denver family bought his way into West Point, positioned the Joes to ride the patriotic wave of Ronald Reagan’s America to the height of their power in the mid-eighties. After some lean years under Bill Clinton, the Joes found themselves back on top after the events of 9/11.

Today the Joes are a reactionary fighting force, pimping themselves to any tin-pot dictator or unscrupulous corporation that needs a problem to ‘disappear.’ They continue to use the endless “War on COBRA” to justify their corrupt pursuit of power for power’s sake. The follwing details the Joes’ history of murder, drug trafficking, and other crimes.














Men have died to keep these facts from the public, but now you know…an knowing is half the battle.


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