It seems as though Hollywood gets its inspiration for only three different places: dead presidents, toys from the 1970's and 80's, and recent Internet phenomenons. The Silk Road film, for those unaware, falls into the last camp.

Silk Road is (was) a site that was heavily encrypted and used a fun little contrived currency called Bitcoin to serve as a black market for most everything. Child porn, drugs, murder, weapons, etc. Dicey stuff. But the government recently got a line on the man behind it, a Penn State graduate named Ross Ulbricht, who is looking at doing some serious time after it has come to light that he may have contracted the killing of a Silk Road user who was blackmailing him. Oh, and Ulbricht also may have made up to $50 million running the site for several years. Money he probably didn't pay taxes on.

Joshua Davis, the screenwriter of Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island will be taking on the script, so it's got that in the plus column. The big catch here is that the story is so current that the ending hasn't played out yet. So let's just makes one up.

Ulbricht escapes from Leavenworth with a bulldozer and finally reconnects with Julian Assange on a Mexican beach.