Insidious's model of creating a low-budget genre film that put plot and scares first has more than paid off. Budgeted at $2 million, the fright flick has now earned $50 million based off word of mouth. That's like, um.... math.... and.... fuuuuuuuuck. It's a lot, okay?

Anyways, the technique (also employed by Paranormal Activity) hit paydirt and it's no surprise that the producer Jason Blum is returning to the well. He's teaming up with Exorcism Of Emily Rose direct Scott Derrickson on a new movie that he won't tell you any details about. All that he'd reveal is that it's a horror story based around a crime. Which sucks for me. I've been sitting on a horror-crime thriller for years, but haven't gotten around to writing it. I guess I'd better get moving and since there's no time to write, I'm doing it Blair Witch-style and making it up as we go along. Now, where can I get my hands on an octopus costume? (LA Times)