A CGI ‘Mister Ed’ Movie Is Going To Be Made, So Everyone Can Just Calm The F*ck Down

Friday, September 21 by
"May I please speak to whoever is in charge of shitty nostalgic TV adaptations? Thank you." 

The movie-concept Madlibs that is Waterman Entertainment (Alvin and the Chipmunks, the upcoming Brave Little Toaster) has come up with a doozy that reads: “Mister Ed,” “Live Action/CGI,” “Children Learn A Lesson.”

For those who aren’t hip to the world of 1960’s sitcoms, Mister Ed is a talking horse who only spoke to Wilbur, his owner, who kept him locked in a garage like some sort of rat bastard.

The fact that no one was willing to come up with a dark, hellish origin story for the Mister Ed shows us just how far we as a civilization have lost our way, but we can rest assured that no matter how zany the antics of Mister Ed are, he will not be injured or mistreated, because Mister Ed will be CGI.

So they’re making a Mister Ed movie and PETA is going to be totally cool with it. Two slugs of bad news. Thank the lord it’s a Friday afternoon.

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