9 Work-Related Films To Watch This Labor Day Weekend

Monday, August 29 by

Monsters Inc.

Pixar takes a look at the monsters under the bed only to discover a large corporation hell-bent on scaring children. Though this movie is strictly a work of fantasy, I wouldn’t put it past Pfizer to have a Child Scaring Division.

Gung Ho

Michael Keaton stars as an automotive foreman for an American car company that sells out to the Japanese. When the new owners arrive and employ some changes, he has to find a way to maintain the peace that doesn’t involve dressing like a bat and kicking people in the teeth.

Horrible Bosses

In this black comedy, three put-upon friends plot to kill one another’s dick bosses. Seems kind of extreme. Personally, I would start with egging. Or prank calls. Maybe some pet-kidnapping. Murder just sounds totally exhausting.

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