9 Work-Related Films To Watch This Labor Day Weekend

Monday, August 29 by


This Danny DeVito joint followed the life and mysterious death of Jimmy Hoffa. Jack Nicholson stars as Hoffa, who rises up in unfair working conditions to form the Teamsters Union. In real life the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa remains a mystery. Is he still alive? Is h buried in Giants Stadium?? This movie takes license in that regard by including an epilogue where Hoffa returns to his home planet after a thrilling escape from the government.

Office Space

The funniest workplace comedy of all time, Office Space perfectly skewers the corporate world as well as the food service industry. After bullshit layoffs fire three-quarters of the office, three co-workers team up to steal from their buffoonish employer and sadistic manager, played by Gary Cole.

Norma Rae

Sally Field stars as a cotton mill worker who seeks to unionize the factory and improve employee wages. At first people are like, “No. You can’t do this.” But you know what? She does it.

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