This Labor Day weekend, as you prepare to pack away your white clothing and criticize your brother-in-law's grilling ability, you'll want to chill out with a movie or two. What better way to relax than with these nine work-related films that stick it to the man? Seriously, screw that guy.

9 to 5

When the siren call of Dolly Parton's chest lures Dabney Coleman to the jagged rocks of desire, he finds himself in a tough situation. Tired of his sexist and egotistical attitude, the secretary pool abducts him and holds him hostage. While in their capture, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Parton institute some new practices around the office that up productivity. Which really isn't that easy with Parton's chest hanging around.


When jerk bosses are treating their workers poorly and garnishing wages, there's only one man who can lead the Federation of Interstate Truckers and fight for what is good and just. And that man is Sly Stallone. He's like Norma Rae, but instead of holding a sign, he holds a pipe. He also uses a different definition of the word "strike."


Kevin Smith's breakthrough film addressed the drudgery of working retail. Filmed for $19 in his home state of New Jersey, it didn't win any awards for acting. However, it was well-received by critics and audiences all the same due to Smith's strong dialogue and bizarre cast of characters.


This Danny DeVito joint followed the life and mysterious death of Jimmy Hoffa. Jack Nicholson stars as Hoffa, who rises up in unfair working conditions to form the Teamsters Union. In real life the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa remains a mystery. Is he still alive? Is h buried in Giants Stadium?? This movie takes license in that regard by including an epilogue where Hoffa returns to his home planet after a thrilling escape from the government.

Office Space

The funniest workplace comedy of all time, Office Space perfectly skewers the corporate world as well as the food service industry. After bullshit layoffs fire three-quarters of the office, three co-workers team up to steal from their buffoonish employer and sadistic manager, played by Gary Cole.

Norma Rae

Sally Field stars as a cotton mill worker who seeks to unionize the factory and improve employee wages. At first people are like, "No. You can't do this." But you know what? She does it.

Monsters Inc.

Pixar takes a look at the monsters under the bed only to discover a large corporation hell-bent on scaring children. Though this movie is strictly a work of fantasy, I wouldn't put it past Pfizer to have a Child Scaring Division.

Gung Ho

Michael Keaton stars as an automotive foreman for an American car company that sells out to the Japanese. When the new owners arrive and employ some changes, he has to find a way to maintain the peace that doesn't involve dressing like a bat and kicking people in the teeth.

Horrible Bosses

In this black comedy, three put-upon friends plot to kill one another's dick bosses. Seems kind of extreme. Personally, I would start with egging. Or prank calls. Maybe some pet-kidnapping. Murder just sounds totally exhausting.