9 Sexy Hollywood Aliens Who Could Win ‘Miss Universe’

Monday, September 12 by

Supergirl – Smallville

ALIEN CREDENTIAL: Though she looks like a ridiculously hot earthing, Laura Vandervoort‘s Kara (aka¬† Supergirl) is actually Superman‘s Kryptonian cousin. She’d been sent to look for him, but found herself caught in suspended animation of eighteen years.

STRENGTHS: She can juggle tractors and looks awesome in a thong. Very tough competitor to beat here.

Celeste Martin – My Stepmother Is An Alien

ALIEN CREDENTIAL: Not only is she from a distant planet, but she’s also trusted by her fellow aliens, who ask her to travel to Earth on a secret mission. That, and she eats batteries and cigarette butts.

STRENGTHS: She’s gorgeous and captures the heart of every man who lays eyes upon her. She’d be odds-on favorite for the evening gown competition.

Leel00 DallasThe Fifth Element

ALIEN CREDENTIAL: This Mondoshawan creation is the only thing powerful enough to stop the world from turning into the Black Hole Sun video.

STRENGTHS: She’s in excellent physical shape in addition to being a fast learner with a hungry mind. She’d definitely impress the universe with her baton twirling. But she would completely fall apart if asked her opinion of war.

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