9 Sexy Hollywood Aliens Who Could Win ‘Miss Universe’

Monday, September 12 by

Supergirl – Smallville

ALIEN CREDENTIAL: Though she looks like a ridiculously hot earthing, Laura Vandervoort‘s Kara (aka  Supergirl) is actually Superman‘s Kryptonian cousin. She’d been sent to look for him, but found herself caught in suspended animation of eighteen years.

STRENGTHS: She can juggle tractors and looks awesome in a thong. Very tough competitor to beat here.

Celeste Martin – My Stepmother Is An Alien

ALIEN CREDENTIAL: Not only is she from a distant planet, but she’s also trusted by her fellow aliens, who ask her to travel to Earth on a secret mission. That, and she eats batteries and cigarette butts.

STRENGTHS: She’s gorgeous and captures the heart of every man who lays eyes upon her. She’d be odds-on favorite for the evening gown competition.

Leel00 DallasThe Fifth Element

ALIEN CREDENTIAL: This Mondoshawan creation is the only thing powerful enough to stop the world from turning into the Black Hole Sun video.

STRENGTHS: She’s in excellent physical shape in addition to being a fast learner with a hungry mind. She’d definitely impress the universe with her baton twirling. But she would completely fall apart if asked her opinion of war.

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