9 Sexy Hollywood Aliens Who Could Win ‘Miss Universe’

Monday, September 12 by
And the winner is... 

There have been allegations that the 2011 Miss Universe Contest is racist. Though that’s a pretty heavy accusation, we here at Screen Junkies have to agree. They are absolutely racist. This is MISS UNIVERSE after all. Open it up to some alien hotties, for shit’s sake.

Here are our selections of hot non-Earth girls who deserve a shot at the crown.

Seven Of Nine – Star Trek: Voyager

ALIEN CREDENTIAL: As a member of a psuedo-race of cybernetic organisms, there was a time that hot Borg Seven of Nine would assimilate all in her path.

STRENGTHS: After being cleaved from the hive mind, Seven of Nine had to learn how to think for herself, as an individual, which gives her an edge in a beauty pageant. This must have boosted her confidence significantly. Don’t expect her to back down easy.

Sil – Species

ALIEN CREDENTIAL: Sil was created when a team of scientists received an alien transmission with instructions for splicing alien DNA with our own. Her mission is to find a mate and reproduce as quickly as possible.

STRENGTHS: Well, she’s obviously stunning and DTF which are fantastic talents to have when competing in beauty competitions. Though, she is a little immature, and that could hurt her in the poise competition.

Three BoobsTotal Recall

ALIEN CREDENTIAL: She has three boobs.

STRENGTHS: She has three boobs.

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