Proponents of a RoboCop statue in Detroit have reached their fund-raising goal of $50,000, which means residents are likely to see a replica of the city's most recognizable cyborg in the near future. But when it comes to heaping praise on robots and cyborgs, should RoboCop really be at the top of the list? We're not so sure. As such, we've put together this list of nine other robots that are worthy of their own statues.

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Hal 9000 (2001) - Champaign-Urbana, IL

The Hal 9000 was born in Champaign-Urbana, IL. So what better place to celebrate our favorite psychotic, sentient computer that the town where it all began. Besides, other than letting 19-year-olds into bars (do they still do that), the town doesn't have a lot going on.

Cylon ("Battle Star Galactica") - Gary, IN

There's no reason for this menacing robot to be placed in Gary, IN. But if Detroit gets Robocop, shouldn't Gary get something? They've both been through a lot, but Detroit gets all the press.

The Terminator (Terminator 2) - The Los Angeles River

In honor of one of the greatest action scenes in film history, let's get this statue off the ground. Plus, it's dual use! Besides promoting tourism, it will also scare off the hobos who tend to sleep in the viaduct.

R2D2 and C3P0 (Star Wars) - The Stonewall Inn, New York, NY

R2 and C3P0 share a love that echoes through the galaxy. So what could be more fitting than a statue commemorating that love at the birthplace of the gay rights movement?

Wall-E (Wall-E) - The Jersey Shore

Wall-E is a robot that's designed to pick up trash. As such, his statue belongs in Jersey.

The Iron Giant (The Iron Giant) - Kennebunkport, Maine

The town of of Rockwell, ME, depicted in The Iron Giant doesn't exist. So let's just put the thing in Kennebunkport. Outside of Portland, it's the only town in Maine I've heard off.

Johnny 5 (Short Circuit 2) - Central Park, New York, NY

In order to commemorate Johnny 5's amazing adventure in New York City, let's put a marble statue of the lovable robot in Central Park. A metal statue would look more realistic, but it wouldn't take long for the C.H.U.D.s to dismantle it and sell it for scrap.

Bishop (Aliens) - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Bishop is everything a robot should be, and San Francisco is home to his creator, the Weyland-Yutani corporation. It's high time they honored their favorite robot son with a glowing statue in Golden Gate Park.

Optimus Prime (Transformers) - Washington, D.C.

Optimus Prime has done more for humanity than any human ever could. That's why he deserves a prime spot in the Rose Garden.