9 On-Demand Channels We’d Like To See Instead Of Ryan Gosling

Monday, February 6 by

Adam Sandler Pre-2005

It’s sad to think that there is an entire generation who can’t liken the experience of going to see an Adam Sandler movie with having a good time. How can one man go from being so awesome to being completely bromidic and unwatchable? He’s like the Weezer of actors.

Ow! My Balls

Face it. We’re headed that way anyhow. I’d definitely tune in if it starred Russell Brand.

Puppy Bowl 24/7

Animal Planet needs to wise up and give viewers what they want — an entire channel dedicated to The Puppy Bowl. Why can we only have this once a year? It’s not a tough sell like McRib. You don’t need to use marketing tricks to coax viewer desire. You just need puppies, squeak toys, and pee absorbent turf. The ratings would far surpass the production fees.

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