9 Mel Gibson Cameos We’d Like to See

Thursday, October 28 by

As you probably know, Mel Gibson’s cameo in The Hangover 2 fell through, and the role was given to Liam Neeson. While that is sad news, there’s no reason for Mel to sweat it. There are pleanty of blockbusters in production, any one of which could help jump-start his scandal plagued career. We went ahead and did some research, and narrowed it down to nine upcoming films that Mel should focus on.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
While they have many adult fans, the Harry Potter films are for children. Children don’t watch TMZ, so what better way for Mel to slip under the radar than with a cameo in the Deathly Hallows. It’s a great plan, unless Mel’s private church considers it witchcraft.

The Hobbit
A strange man from the wastelands just wandered into The Shire. This will end poorly.

Tron: Legacy
Call me crazy, but I am not excited about Tron: Legacy. Throw Mel into the mix, and you’ll have my attention.

Mission: Impossible 4
The title is officially Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. So why not use the ghost of William Wallace?

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
This film is the perfect chance for Mel to reinvent himself with a tween audience. The only problem: Jaden Smith.

Captain America: The First Avenger
Since this film takes place during World War II, I bet there’s a role that’s just perfect for Mel.

The Twilight Saga: breaking Dawn
Another film that will allow Mel to break into the tween market, Breaking Dawn also provides Mel with the opportunity for some off-screen high jinks with Robert Pattinson.

The Smurfs
Skin color doesn’t matter to some people. Unfortunately for you blue bastards, Mel is not one of those people.

Rise of the Apes
At the end of the day, if Mel can’t find regular acting work, there are always "motion capture" gigs to fall back on.


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