Halloween is only a few weeks away, which means there’s not much time to nail down a costume. And as the clock winds down, many people will look to Hollywood for inspiration. That being said, does the world really need another moron running around in a Scream mask? Do we really want another group of douche bags dressed up like the guys from The Hangover. I think not.

If you’re going to dress up like a movie character, at least do something that hasn’t been done before! Granted, that’s a tall order, considering pretty much everything has been done before. But we here at Screen Junkies are here to help. We came up with this list of characters that, for the most part, have remained an untapped Halloween resource. Sure, they might be a tad “offensive,” but wouldn’t you rather be hated than unoriginal?

Here are 9 inappropriate movie costumes you can use for Halloween...if you dare.

Rocky Dennis - Mask (1985)

Everyone wears a mask on Halloween. But I’ve never seen anyone be the Mask. No, not the shitty Jim Carrey movie. We’re talking about the shitty Eric Stoltz/Cher movie about a young boy with disease called lionitis that causes massive cranial disfiguration (a.k.a. a big, weird face). All you need is a red wig, some face putty, and the willingness to ruin all chances of getting laid that evening. Oh, also, you’ll most certainly be going to hell.

Mr. Yunioshi - Breakfest at Tiffany’s (1961)

If you want to stand out from the crowd this Halloween, why not go as Mr. Yunioshi from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Played by Mickey Rooney, Mr. Yunioshi is one of the most beloved characters in the history of American cinema. Well, it’s beloved by people who like to bitch about racist stereotypes in film, so technically that statement was true. Just buy some black hair dye, think-round glasses, and some false teeth, and you’re set. Don’t forget to squint and roll your R’s! You’ll be the toast on the town. Well, maybe not Chinatown. Then again, Yunioshi is Japanese, so maybe the Chinese would get a laugh out of it.

Christy Brown - My Left Foot (1989)

Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar for his heart-wrenching yet dignified portrayal of Irish author Christy Brown, a victim of cerebral palsy. Something tells me your portrayal this Halloween will not be quite as tactful. No matter. If you can reenact the scene above, you’re sure to be the life of the party.

Andrew Beckett - Philadelphia (1993)

We were hesitant to put this one on the list. No, not because it’s offensive, but because it’s probably been done before. No matter; odds are it will be new to most people. This article will tell you how to make skin lesions. Then all you need is scarf, a coat, and a hat with a ‘P’ on it. If anyone asks you about the sores, be sure and tell them you were hit with a racquetball.

Sam - I Am Sam (2001)

For this costume, the Starbucks outfit will be easy enough to pull off. But that doesn’t really imply you’re Sam, as opposed to just a regular Starbucks employee. How do you convey that you’re supposed to have the IQ of a seven-year old? Maybe you could add a “Christine O'Donnell” support button on the apron lapel. Setting all politics aside, anyone who tells me not to masturbate must be mentally challenged, just like Sam!

Sarah Tobias - The Accused (1988)

The Accused, staring Jodie Foster, contains one of the most disturbing scenes of sexual assault in the history of cinema, which is probably why no one ever uses her character as the basis of a Halloween costume. But beggars can’t be choosers, and you’re begging for a costume. Copy the outfit Jodie is wearing in the picture above, and then walk around all night with a cardboard pinball machine on your back.

Bogs Diamond - The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

People love The Shawshank Redemption. People love prison rape. So this Halloween, why not combine the two and go as America's favorite fictional prison rapist, Bogs Diamond! Just get an old prison uniform, add some fake blood to the crotch, and carry around a picture of Tim Robbins with a heart around it. Mix it up a bit by adding a wheelchair to the mix, just like Bogs had to use after his vicious beat down. Need a group costume? Add a few more inmates and go as "The Sisters," the gang of prison rapists Bogs lead. Get creative!

Colonel Hans Landa - Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Everyone loves a man in uniform, unless of course it’s a Nazi uniform and the man in question is known as “The Jew Hunter.” But having that giant tobacco pipe is going to look pretty sweet. Plus, if you have a fake swastika scar carved into your forehead, you might just be able to pull it off without offending too many people. Now, if you have a real swastika scar carved into your forehead, that’s a different story. Although I’m sure it’s a hell of a conversation starter. Just ask Charles Manson.

Jakie Rabinowitz (Jack Robin) - The Jazz Singer (1927)

Out of context, Al Jolson’s use of blackface in The Jazz Singer could easily be dismissed as racism. However, the film actually employs the controversial practice in a way that explores ethnic and racial divisions in early 20th century America while at the same time expressing empathy toward blacks. It is also worth noting that Al Jolson was an early champion of equal rights and is credited with introducing the world of African American music to mainstream white audiences. This Halloween, be sure to explain that to the angry black dudes who kick the shit out of you when they see you're wearing blackface.