April Fools' Day is right around the corner, and what better way to stick it to those filthy pagans than by recapping some of the greatest movie pranks of all time. From dousing a girl in pig’s blood, to destroying a cop car, Hollywood practically wrote the book on ridiculously awesome pranks. We can recommend trying some of these on April Fools' Day (or any other day), as long as you understand you’ll probably die or go to jail. Enjoy.

Billy Madison - Flaming Poop Bag

The poop-bag prank in Billy Madison is cheap, simple, and relatable in the sense that half of the audience had either participated in or been the victim of a similar exercise. That’s what makes the scene so funny. Well, that and the part where the old man calls the shit “poop.”

Carrie - Pig’s Blood

When it comes to Hollywood pranks, there’s nothing funnier than than covering a dorky kid in pigs blood like they did in Carrie. It’s a total classic, and the best part is, it’s a victimless crime...aside from the victim. There are to things to watch out for when pulling the big pig’s blood prank. One, make sure the target is a not a Jew or Muslim, because then it becomes a hate crime. Two, and perhaps more importantly, make sure the target does not posses pyrokinetic powers, or you may get burned to death.

Animal House - Dead Horse

What college movie would be complete without the old “dead horse in the Dean’s office” prank. In all fairness, the “prank” was really more of an act of animal cruelty. The boys of Delta Tau Chi sneak a horse into the dean’s office, and order one of their pledges to shoot the animal. The pledge is unaware that the gun is filled with blanks, and decides to spare the animal's life by shooting into the ceiling. However, the noise spooks the horse, and it dies of a heart attack. In order to remove it from the offices, maintenance crews are forced to bring in chainsaws. On a side note, this is similar to the dead horse “prank” from The Godfather.

Dirty Work - Dead Hooker Prank

When it comes to running a business, the last thing you want your customers to see is a bunch of dead hookers. That’s why this prank form Dirty Work falls into the “funny cause it’s true” category. “Pal, I know a dead hooker when I see one.”

American Graffiti - Trashing a Cop Car

Far be it from Screen Junkies to advocate any sort of prank at the expense of a law enforcement official, but as far as movie pranks go, this one is pretty awesome. In the scene, Curt, played by a young Richard Dreyfuss, sneaks behind a cop car and chains down its rear axle. The result is one less cop car roaming the streets.

Dumb and Dumber - Laxative

There’s nothing funny about poisoning someone. That is, unless a laxative is involved. Then it’s hilarious. Dumb and Dumber proved this to be true.

Men at Work - Shit Bomb

If you’re going to rig a shit bomb in your co-workers locker room, make sure you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you might end up the victim of your own prank, which is to say covered in shit.

Porky’s - Dick In the Girl's Shower

In the 1950’s, when Porky’s takes place, sticking your dick through a hole in the wall of a girl’s shower room was considered a prank. Today, it’s probably sexual assault. God damn government! Even so, it makes for a funny scene.

Jackass 3D - Rocky

We chose the Rocky prank for Jackass 3D, but truth be told, we could have used about any scene from this film or its predecessors. We just liked this video because slow motion captivates us.