9 Classic Films I Must Watch Before Hurricane Irene Kills Me

Friday, August 26 by

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I missed my chance when this was available on Netfix Instant. I suppose I could order the DVD in the mail the old-fashioned way, but then I’d have to open the envelope. So hard.

The Killing

This early Kubrick film has lingered in the far reaches of my Netflix queue since the invention of my Netflix queue. Better than remaining in a dust-covered envelope on top of my DVD player months after its arrival at my place though. Now, where’s that copy of Tommy Boy that I need to watch for the 45th time?


Yes, I haven’t seen your beloved Akira yet. Go ahead. Laugh like you do when I ask you for LINUX advice. Nice Sailor Moon t-shirt that you decided to wear to work, by the way.

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