As Hurricane Irene is certain to kill me and the rest of those in New York's Zone B, I figure there's a few things I need to do before I die. And since there aren't any marathons to run or continuing ed classes going on in the next 48 hours, I suppose I'd better take the opportunity to watch those classic films that people always give me a hard time about not having seen. Assuming the power stays on.


This classic romantic drama starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Berman is just about one of the most famous films ever made. But I skipped Film One that day so I didn't get to see it. Though my dorm-mate was there and passed on his review to me that it is "an enjoyable film with Nazis and stuff."

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

This is a film that I've heard about my entire life, but haven't had the opportunity to see. It draws reactions of shock when friends find this out. However, I know nothing about the sci-fi spoof. In fact, I just learned that it follows a physicist/neurosurgeon/rock star as he battles aliens. This is normally the kind of thing I'd be all over but it somehow escaped my radar.


Though I haven't seen the first film in Oliver Stone's Vietnam War trilogy, I did watch my friend Nate play some of the video game before school. I think that should count.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I missed my chance when this was available on Netfix Instant. I suppose I could order the DVD in the mail the old-fashioned way, but then I'd have to open the envelope. So hard.

The Killing

This early Kubrick film has lingered in the far reaches of my Netflix queue since the invention of my Netflix queue. Better than remaining in a dust-covered envelope on top of my DVD player months after its arrival at my place though. Now, where's that copy of Tommy Boy that I need to watch for the 45th time?


Yes, I haven't seen your beloved Akira yet. Go ahead. Laugh like you do when I ask you for LINUX advice. Nice Sailor Moon t-shirt that you decided to wear to work, by the way.

Withnail and I

I tried. I really did. But I just couldn't get past the first twenty minutes. I must lack the gene that enables one to enjoy Hipster-y bullshit.

The Social Network

I know. I know. To write about film for a living, and admit to having not seen the all-time and modern classics opens me up to all manner of your insults. Leave your scorn in the comments section. Or maybe this time say something really nice and make me feel good? It's important to sometimes buck the trend.

The Bucket List

Oh, the irony.