9 Actresses Hotter Than Rihanna, Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive

Tuesday, October 11 by

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay may not be as conventionally beautiful as Rihanna, but Lindsay will total your car, then dust you in cocaine as she makes love to you, which makes her “hotter” in this writer’s opinion. Also, if you were somehow able to woo Lindsay and Emma Stone into bed, it would sort of be like making love to twins, though that’s outside the scope of this list and wasn’ taken into consideration.

Olivia Wilde

Many people either opt for Olivia Wilde or Megan Fox. Not me. I’m going to take a controversial stance and say I think BOTH are hot. Wilde is the second Tron: Legacy actress to grace this list, but made a name for herself by playing a bisexual, ecstasy-using genius doctor on the Fox medical drama House. She makes the list both due to her staggering physical beauty and her willingness to take her top off in photos like these.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard has made a very nice name for herself as this generation’s B-movie queen. I’m sure she’s not thrilled about that, but she’s the one selecting her roles. That title is hard to dispute with roles in Drive Angry 3D, The Ward, the canceled NBC drama The Playboy Club, and Zombieland. However, resume isn’t a factor on this here list. She is hotter than Rihanna and she probably marks “actor” on her tax returns, so she can cuddle up nicely in the number 4 spot.

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