8 Movie Characters Who Piss On The Constitution

Friday, September 16 by

Kurt Zagon – Above The Law

I don’t know how anyone looked at this guy’s face and decided he was trustworthy. But somehow Kurt Zagon rose through the ranks of the CIA while bribing and murdering people who didn’t bow to his agenda. In a foolish attempt to kill Steven Seagal, he accidentally blows up Seagal’s favorite priest. Seagal’s character ends up breaking Zagon’s neck, but does so after being forced to hand in his badge. So, yeah, Seagal’s character also pissed on the Constitution a bit, but his hand was forced.

Corrupt – Corrupt

Not only is he a vicious gang member, but Ice-T’s character is actually named Corrupt. Though it is not considered unconstitutional to have a nickname, his life choices totally are. He’s also likely to call the Constitution a bitch.

Det. Alonzo Harris – Training Day

Alonzo Harris is probably the most corrupt law-enforcement official to ever have worn a badge. The guy murders, does drugs, forces other cops to do drugs, and turns a blind eye to all manner of criminal activity. He must really hate paperwork. And the Constitution is the most famous piece of paperwork we’ve got.

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