8 Movie Characters Who Piss On The Constitution

Friday, September 16 by

Ian Howe – National Treasure

Though he doesn’t actually get his hands on the Constitution, the disrespect Ian Howe shows the Declaration of Independence is enough to conclude that he would care very little for it. It starts with a small document like a parking ticket getting disrespected. Next, you’re crapping on your cable bill. Then the Declaration of Independence. And before long, you’re whizzing on the Constitution. Luckily, Nicolas Cage is able to stop him before he gets too out of hand.

British Dudes – The Patriot

It’s true that the Constitution didn’t exist yet at this point, but if it had, I’m sure Jason Isaacs and his evil soldiers would have dropped their pantaloons and pissed all over that sucker. There’s no doubt in my mind.

Ted Matthews – My Fellow Americans

Believed to be nothing more than the dimwitted Vice President, Ted Matthews proves himself to be so much more by engineering a plot to steal the presidency. In doing so, he attempts to assassinate two former presidents and have the current president take the fall. President murder. Totally unconstitutional.

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