It's that time of year again. That's right, Constitution Day. Have you finished your gift shopping and baked the ceremonial meatballs? At any rate, the Constitution is amazing. It's just the f*cking coolest document, and we all love it. It's a shame we can only celebrate it once a year.

However, there are a few dirty scourges who don't love the Constitution. They don't uphold its values and they aren't allowed to have any meatballs. Here they are. Feel free to give them the boos and hisses they deserve.

Harry Callahan - Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry defends the Constitution, but he does it his way. The only rule he follows is that bullets come out the small end. His extreme tactics may get results, but they don't get him any Constitutional brownie points.

The President - Escape From L.A.

We know him best as Spider-Man's sweet Uncle Ben, but you might also recognize Cliff Robertson as the President from Escape from L.A. And that guy had zero respect for the Constitution. After being elected to office, he completely rewrites it and adds an amendment proclaiming himself president for life. After that, he goes on to move the capitol and then outlaws everything fun, including tobacco, alcoholic beverages, red meat, firearms, profanity, non-Christian religions, atheism and non-marital sex. And if yo break these laws, you're forced to move to Los Angeles -- a fate normally reserved for aspiring screenwriters and actors.

Ian Howe - National Treasure

Though he doesn't actually get his hands on the Constitution, the disrespect Ian Howe shows the Declaration of Independence is enough to conclude that he would care very little for it. It starts with a small document like a parking ticket getting disrespected. Next, you're crapping on your cable bill. Then the Declaration of Independence. And before long, you're whizzing on the Constitution. Luckily, Nicolas Cage is able to stop him before he gets too out of hand.

British Dudes - The Patriot

It's true that the Constitution didn't exist yet at this point, but if it had, I'm sure Jason Isaacs and his evil soldiers would have dropped their pantaloons and pissed all over that sucker. There's no doubt in my mind.

Ted Matthews - My Fellow Americans

Believed to be nothing more than the dimwitted Vice President, Ted Matthews proves himself to be so much more by engineering a plot to steal the presidency. In doing so, he attempts to assassinate two former presidents and have the current president take the fall. President murder. Totally unconstitutional.

Kurt Zagon - Above The Law

I don't know how anyone looked at this guy's face and decided he was trustworthy. But somehow Kurt Zagon rose through the ranks of the CIA while bribing and murdering people who didn't bow to his agenda. In a foolish attempt to kill Steven Seagal, he accidentally blows up Seagal's favorite priest. Seagal's character ends up breaking Zagon's neck, but does so after being forced to hand in his badge. So, yeah, Seagal's character also pissed on the Constitution a bit, but his hand was forced.

Corrupt - Corrupt

Not only is he a vicious gang member, but Ice-T's character is actually named Corrupt. Though it is not considered unconstitutional to have a nickname, his life choices totally are. He's also likely to call the Constitution a bitch.

Det. Alonzo Harris - Training Day

Alonzo Harris is probably the most corrupt law-enforcement official to ever have worn a badge. The guy murders, does drugs, forces other cops to do drugs, and turns a blind eye to all manner of criminal activity. He must really hate paperwork. And the Constitution is the most famous piece of paperwork we've got.