8 Bands Worthy of a 3D Concert Film

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With the recent Hollywood push to produce and convert everything they possibly can into 3D, you gotta wonder if the major congloms are gonna work with their music departments to throw out a few more 3D gigs. To date, there have only been three such concert shows in theaters, with Hannah Montana being the only big success. Country singer Kenny Chesney releases his show to the masses this Friday, so we’ll see how a cowboy fares. Fact is, “The Studio Man” has apparently forgotten that their largest and most loyal audience members are young adult males. Why can’t we score a show or two from a band that actually rocks hard (sorry U2 fans, they just don’t)?

The following are eight bands/performers that, if given their own 3D theatrical film, would inspire some airborne devil-horns and bring in bank at the box office.


With a sound that can be defined truly as “epic rock,” Muse has emerged as one of the most exciting and consistent live performances in the new millennium. Though the Twi-tards know them for “that song that plays during the baseball scene” in that vampire film they cream over, tracks like “Knights of Cydonia” and “Resistance” are simply begging for a 3D staging.

Check out their SXSW 2010 rendition of "Knights of Cydonia" with a sick intro from Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West.


Foo Fighters

Having performed live with talent from the likes of Tenacious D to Led Zeppelin, in addition to his own three-plus bands, Dave Grohl has all but become certified as THE contemporary God of Rock. The Foo Fighters are probably the most-likely band on this list to get offered its own 3D screen show. Though not known for providing KISS-esque flash and pyrotechnics, the Foos rock hard enough to make for a more-than-compelling rock show, especially with their track-record of cover-songs and guests.


Andrew W.K.

The king of “Party Rock” puts on one of the most high-octane shows there is. Pulling fans on-stage before lifting them onto his shoulders are not concert rarities. The viewing of AWK’s 3D head-bangs and sweat drops would likely prevent fans from staying seated if presented with the opportunity to join-in on AWK’s thunderous dance moves.

Picture this: "We Want Fun" – Jackass The Movie soundtrack…in IMAX 3D.



Led by “singer” 2D, Gorillaz would have a pretty easy time making a transition to 3D…especially since they’ve always been animated. Having “performed” live on very rare occasion, the virtual band would actually benefit most from digital 3D technology in a venue rather than a movie theater. Much in the vain of their 2006 Grammy performance with Madonna, you could give audience members 3D glasses for the projected images of the band members while live guests joined on stage. Possible new step in the evolution of 3D?


Van Halen

It might be difficult to pull this show off, let alone get the right members in the same room. However, you’d get a great chance at seeing some incredible on-stage drama. Rockin tunes aside, the opp to see David Lee Roth walk away mid-show, or see Alex punch-out Eddie would be worth it in itself. Watch out for that cape comin’ atchya!



A defining sound for the alternative kick of the ‘90’s. 311 is known for their genre-bending tones, group drum solos, and extra-smoky auditoriums.  The ever-loyals fans are known for making the annual pilgrimage to what is their “Mecca” of all concerts for the calendar year…March 11th. This is an example of a show that, if shot live for a single night event, would be sure to bring out the crowds in force for “311 Day.”


Motley Crue

If only 3D technology was capable of allowing us to glance back to the “more prominent” days… I think watching the backstage antics of Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee (even while married to Pam Anderson) would be worth checking out in itself. Think of all the possibilities, 3D Lee stick-spin, 3D whiskey chug, etc. Okay, let’s be honest here, all we really want is a re-vamped, 3D video for "Girls, Girls, Girls."

Who would YOU like to melt your face in 3D concert?

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