7 Zombie Projects We’re Likely To See In 2011

Tuesday, January 4 by

Thanks to AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” zombies are a hot commodity in Hollywood. And with Zombieland 2 and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies already slated for production, America’s love affair with the undead shows no sign of letting up. But we all know it’s only a matter of time before this, like all fads, jumps the shark.

But until then, Hollywood is sure to churn out one Zombie-related project after another until they’ve scrapped the absolute bottom of the barrel. Some will be awesomely entertaining, most will be unwatchable, but each project will push us closer to the point of over-saturation. Here are seven examples we’re likely to see in 2011.

ZSI: Miami

The cops of”CSI: Miami” spend their days examining dead people. Why not cut out the middleman and put the undead on the case. Besides, Horatio Caine and company can use a fresh set of eyes, even if those eyes are rotting. Yeeeaaaaaaaah!

Habeas Corpus

This is America, damn it! Even the most wretched dirtbags among us are entitled to a fair trail. But what about zombies? How do you go about punishing someone who’s already dead? Life in prison? The death penalty? “Habeas Corpus” will explore the legal complications that are sure to accompany the zombie apocalypse.

Two and a Half Men

Everyone under the age of 50 seems to hate sitcoms like “Two and a Half Men.” What if the “half-man” in question wasn’t that fat kid, but someone who’d been devoured by a zombie? I smell an Emmy!

Undead On Arrival

Medical shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” are already running out of ridiculous plot lines. It won’t be long until zombies are thrown into the mix. Besides, I’m sure the zombie characters would be a lot more likable than Katherine Heigl.

16 and Pregnant…and Dead

Having a kid at the age of 16 is difficult enough. Try doing it when you’re dead. Yeah, it’s easy to sit there and judge that girl in the picture for devouring her own fetus, but remember; her body, her choice.

Zombie Leno

Considering the average age of a Leno fan, marketing his show to the undead is the next logical step.

Zombie A-cock-alypse

Porn films are made with such frequency that eventually, everything gets a parody (Shindler’s Fist, anyone?). So it’s only a matter of time before zombies make their way into the world of porn, especially if Zombie-ism is caused by a virus.


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    Jesus Christ

    How the F does this garbage make the front page on Digg?

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    Zombie Porn already exists…do some research, dumbass…or better yet, just stop writing

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    I’m not using the internet ever again after reading this article.

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    Just terrible the author of this garbage should be examined

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