7 Other Places You’ve Heard Tom Kenny, The Voice Of Spongebob

Wednesday, February 29 by

Binky the Clown – Shakes the Clown

This film occupies that weird space I was talking about between “cult film” and “forgotten film.” Fortunately, that weird spot couldn’t have been occupied by a weirder cast that included Bobcat Goldthwait (at possibly his darkest), Adam Sandler, and Julie Brown. And whatever you do, don’t confuse this film with Quick Change, which is about robbing banks and is much, much more focused than this 1992 gem that appears to have led the way for films like Bad Santa.

Oh, and Kenny plays a clown named Binky. They don’t get along so great.

Woofy the Dog – That 70’s Show

Voice acting isn’t all glamorous, despite what Chris Rock said at the Oscars. Sometimes you get in and get out, collecting a fat check along the way, and sometimes you end up playing the voice of a dog in the weed-influenced That 70’s Show. While it may not be Citizen Kane, this is yet another example of how the voice of Spongebob worked long and hard to weasel his way into our lives before we even knew it.

And it appears to have worked. At least better than it did for that Fez guy.

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